For the days and moments when you need a reminder of what you are capable of doing in life, watch this video for 3 tips for self-confidence.

How To:

Your confidence is impacted by:

  • The balance of neurochemicals in your brain that you are born with
  • How you are treated and the social pressures in your environments
  • The choices you make, the risks you take, how you look at and respond to setbacks.

Tips and Suggestions:

When you need a ‘Quick Fix – confidence booster’:

  1. Picture your success when you start a difficult task (strike a power pose, give yourself a pep talk or listen to a song to get you in the right mood/headspace)
  2. Believe in your ability to change – your beliefs will influence your actions. Neuroscience supports this growth mindset and people are more successful when they believe they have the ability to change and grow.
  3. Practice Failure; you will fail at times so practice failing regularly in small setbacks to constructive learn different strategies and persevere.