Students choose and journal about an individual or an individual’s work that they respect or value.


  1. Cognitive: Students will be able to identify an individual or qualities in individuals they admire.
  2. Affective: Students will feel encouraged to identify and embody the traits of those they respect.


Journals, writing utensils

Teacher Prep

  • Teacher Prep: Choose a personal example and be prepared to share how the individual connects with personal values.
  • Optional: Provide a graphic organizer to guide students’ brainstorming process.
  • Optional: Provide a model reflection with example inspiration to use as a writing model.


Time Activity Notes
2 min
  • Explain to students that in this activity, they will identify an individual who they admire or respect.
  • This activity is a chance to connect personal values to qualities within the work or person they respect.
  • Share a brief example of an individual who you respect or admire or whose work you value.
In the model example, be intentional in clarifying the qualities of the individual/work.
10 min
  • Give students time to quietly reflect and write about a person they respect.

Optional: Differentiate by offering a graphic organizer or model reflection text to support students.

Prompts: Why do you admire this individual?

What message do they send with their actions/work?

3 min
  • Wrap up the activity by letting students know when they will share their reflections.
  • Students can share their individual inspirations one or two each class period over the course of weeks or immediately in pairs or small groups.
Remind students to respect others’ preferences and values.

Facilitator Reflection

How did you feel after the activity? Did students participate and seem engaged?

Remember to ask the students to share their feedback on the activity: What went well? What suggestions do they have for making the activity better? Think about what you might do differently next time.

Emotional Intelligence Tips

  • Some students may not have a specific individual in mind. Encourage students to consider characteristics/actions of others they wish to emulate. How does the person you respect make others feel?
  • Encourage students to be patient, respectful, open, and reserve judgment
  • Remind students that they are entitled to their own preference and that values differ from person to person.