Watch this video from ASAPscience to learn helpful tips for staying motivated!

How To:

This video shows research-informed tips like getting more sleep, working smart, and eating to support motivation such as:

  • Sleep: What is ego – depletion?
  • Have a goal and start it – as in now or yesterday. 🙂
  • Surround yourself with people who motivate you: Well, Duh!
  • Take breaks – Dance party?!
  • Eat right! Learn how glucose works to help the brain.
  • Why do Mondays matter?

Tips & Suggestions:

After watching, consider:

  1. Which tip was most helpful to you? How might you apply it to your life?
  2. How can you break a goal into a habit (ie. make your own coffee instead of buying it)?
  3. What specific tasks are you willing to try to help you stay motivated?